Iberia is a restaurant and bar in Adelaide, specialising in the cuisine of the Iberian Peninsula, a region predominantly consisting of Spain & Portugal. The venue, designed by architect Williams Burton Leopardi, is split into three-tiers; an underground drinks and cocktail bar and two upper levels for a more focused, but still relaxed dining experience.

The brief to Athlete, and WBL, was to create an identity and fit out with subtle cues to the Iberian region, without being overstated or tacky. The result is a look inspired by the hilly and mountainous terrain of the Iberian landscape. It was an exercise in restraint as we developed a minimal and timeless wordmark and motif, whilst menus were printed on a selection of stocks with subtle flecks mimicking the surface of rock and stone. A rock grain texture was also blind debossed into the business cards to create a stunning and memorable tactile finish.